Hg Thermal CTP Hg-T83/83A/116/116A

Min. Order: 1 Set
Production Capacity: 500sets/Year
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Hg Thermal CTP Hg-T83/83A/116/116A

Product Description

International Professional Technical & Management Team
From design and research to manufacture, through the international level of management, let HGDE
CTP product to be first-class quality.
Backed By Outstanding Huaguang Precision Machinery Prepress Technology
The of Weifang and "Huaguang" brand make very large contributions in prepress printing history.
Huaguang Prepress typesetting system, makes the printing industry leave lead and fire, entry in the
Light in electric era, is a technology revolution in printing industry, bring the rapid development of the
Printing industry.
More Than 20 Years Polychromatic And Precision Offset Printing Machine Manufacturing Experience
Based on the rich experience of polychromatic and precision offset printing machine manufacturing,
That we have the strong mechanical structure equipment, provide reliable guarantee for the whole

Outstanding Features And Key Technology
1. The Unique Plate Loading Method And Plate&Paper Separation Technology
HGDE CTP, in plate adjustment and loading devices, the integration of new concepts, and using new solutions which is difference with the current plate loading method, through plate adjustment to up and down, solve many problems during plate loading. At the same time of plate loading, plate Cassette going down, so that complete separation of the plate and liner to prevent the plate overlap during plate loading process, and through adjustment plate preloading to achieve accurate loading. HGDE CTP have applied for the national patent. Break the traditional, independent innovation of plate loading method, it is worth customers trust.
2. Integration Of Loading And Unloading
The coordinated operation between Internal designed Bridge and other parts, can effectively increase the production efficiency, save space taked up by equipment, convenient using.
3. High Precision Ball Screw
Top class quality ball screw, can provide no shaking movements for the laser lens, in order to ensure that the lens and drum surface keep constant distance, achieve the uniform exposure.
4. Stable Laser Device And Date Transfer System
The high quality of lasers and laser control technology, let whole laser device to be delicate perfect.
RIP(Raster Image Process) data analysis and dots reproduction technology, which is make the individual or generic data to be the signal, in sequence to control, through image file compression transmission technology, data separation technology and 1--128 channels Data disperse transmission and Receiving Data Merging technology. To achieve natural of dots reproduction.
5. Motion Control⪻ecision Multi-axis Control Technology
System driver use precision multi-axis control technology with the nm unit and high-precision Motion Control Technology which is also used by Maglev trains. This device ensures that the technology, after Rotary Encoder received the signal, matches up with the drum rotation speed, to stimulate the laser unit on the precise position. Transmission Power supply uses the international first-class server, ensure a stable supply of operation power.
6. Perfect Drum Structure
The military quality of drum, the drum surface pulsate less than 10 um. New design for removable clamp, Convenient flexible. The unique dynamic balance system, steady and rapid.
7. Unique Plate And Paper Isolation Technology And Paper Recovery Device
Automatic Plate Loading Unit equipped a high capacity plates supply cassette with the automatic paper remove function fully interprets automation consequence plate making process that provides unique high productivity with low labor cost.
8. Smart Laser Unit Constant Temperature System
Smart laser unit constant temperature system adopts automatic bidirectional temperature control module which fully ensures the internal working temperature constancy, extends the working life of laser diodes and guarantees the quality consistency of output images.

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